Exciting news????!!!

Our farmer training & advisory kicked off this month on 15th November at Egyeikrom. The training saw in attendance some of our farmers in the Egyeikrom community and our training facilitators (MAO’s) from KEEA. 

We believe equipping zealous and hardworking farmers ?????????????????????? is a step towards ensuring food security, building resilient food system and propelling the agricultural sector.  

The training was successful and impactful as we delved into the “Measures To Maximize Farm Yields In A Cost Effective Way”. As part of ways to improve income of smallholder farmers, we are of great belief that the areas covered in this training would be valuable, impactful and yield good results to our farmers.  

We are committed to ensuring a paradigm shift in farming, rally with us as we revolutionize the sector with tailor made trainings and advisory services.